Our mission is to provide our clients with most innovative and disruptive technology to give them
the power to serve under-banked customers.



AND Systems is a subsidiary of AND Global whose mission is to serve the underbanked population through the latest technological innovation. We provide an innovative, low-cost, mobile-based, instant microloan platform. The proprietary technology in our core system collects user data, accesses credit databases, and performs data analytics using machine learning algorithms. Once customers register on our app, approved loans will be transferred to their accounts within five minutes of applying.
Data-driven decision making
We combine traditional data with non-traditional big data to unlock tailor-made credit opportunities for millions of underbanked middle-class people.
Highly available and fully scalable
All data in our platform is safely stored in multiple data centers across different regions around the globe, which makes our infrastructure available 24/7, under any circumstance. Our platform is also fully scalable and works perfectly under heavy traffic without affecting the performance.
Enterprise-grade machine learning algorithm
We have developed our own proprietary, secure, reliable, and high performance algorithms capable of processing massive amounts of data and predicting user’s behavior with a more than 95% accuracy rate. Our algorithms continue to evolve with every new piece of data.


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Our lending solution is a cloud platform which lets you rapidly build, integrate, launch, and service any lending portfolio into any market. SME lenders and FinTechs can use our platform as the engine of their digital-first banking service. Built from the cloud up, our lending solution is a powerful alternative to the costs and complexity of traditional core banking systems or custom in-house solutions.Leverage our infrastructure and focus your engineering efforts on that which adds value to your business: credit scoring, process automation, customer experience, and accessing new channels.
Our platform provides the lean infrastructure to service your portfolio with a powerful API integration layer.From ensuring your credit officers collect all the critical data points on clients and accounts, to building customized workflows or even integrating for automated credit assessments, our lending solution makes assessing credit applications simple, fast, and reliable.




Our platform is capable of easy integration with other banking systems and provides a fast, reliable, and secure gateway to transfer payment transactions between accounts.
This interface can be used for banks, NBFIs, and payment gateways for loan disbursement and refunds to different settlement accounts.


Data collector is our proprietary and fully customizable system that allows you to parse the customer information from any third-party interface with the customer’s consent. This data can be used for powerful credit scoring, online KYC, and much more. This data can be used for powerful credit scoring, online KYC, and much more. Throughout the data collection process, the customer’s personal and financial data are automatically stored in our system in secure and anonymized way.
All personal information collected and stored in our system will only be used for R&D purposes and will be strictly safeguarded from any other use. We do not seek to collect sensitive personal data, such as political opinions, religious beliefs, health concerns, or other matters. We value the safekeeping and privacy of our customers’ data.


Our scoring system depends on traditional and non-traditional data. Combining these data points and utilizing our proprietary machine learning algorithm, our scoring system will deliver the most precise and up-to-date scoring metric.The scoring system can be deployed at the onset to prioritize applications, or used within an existing underwriting scorecard to reduce risk or approve more applications.
The scoring system complements traditional underwriting tools like centralized credit scores because it relies exclusively on non-traditional data derived from a customer’s social data and online behavior. When the scoring system is added to a traditional underwriting scorecard, it has been proven to better differentiate between high and low risk borrowers.


We have developed our own CRM system dedicated to our lending platform. It gives us the full potential to increase our marketing scale and deliver support to every customer.
Our ML team is deeply connected to the development of our CRM system, and continues to evolve with to predict trending user groups, forecasts, and more.


Involve the Whole Organization

Our BI system's intuitive and simple interface means everyone in your organization can use the system. From support staff to executives, everyone can have access to the same real-time information from anywhere at anytime.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Granting access to your investors, funders, accountants, or auditors can revolutionize the level of transparency you have with your business and introduce new levels of trust and collaboration.

Increase Staff Productivity & Satisfaction

Every individual in a bank spends over 100+ hours a month working with information. Our BI system can help make this process incredibly productive and help increase team morale and satisfaction by empowering them to use the best tools to do their jobs more efficiently.


Machine learning

Using traditional and non-traditional data, we use machine learning to predict users’ credit behavior. This algorithm is constantly improving with every new customer and every new loan. We also have separate algorithms for detecting online fraud, as well as early detection of anomalies and market and social trend shifts.


At AND Systems, we think traditional notary services are not appropriate for our customers who need urgent payday loans. We are in the R&D process of developing blockchain-based self-notarizing technology. It will help our customers efficiently identify themselves for free and allow financial institutions to conduct effective KYC.

Image processing

To ease our boarding process, we are developing an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that can scan, recognize, and read Mongolian characters from images with a high recall rate (Mongolian OCR). In order to increase the recall rate of the image processing, we utilize Deep Learning and have a working model of a Mongolian character recognition system.

Data analysis

By mining a massive dataset related to a specific customer, we can confirm the true identity of the person. This level of analysis is also utilized to improve the customer relationship by effectively predicting market and social trends, as well as a customer’s credit risk.

Natural language processing

Using the latest advancements in natural language processing, we are able to understand the data related to customers, then accurately identify the person behind it and his related actions. We also use NLP for non-traditional data processing stages.


AND seeks to fill the cracks of Mongolia’s fragmented lending system through human interaction and AI.

Elaine Ramirez, www.forbes.com


With $5m seed funding, this fintech firm may be Mongolia’s biggest tech startup

Jack Ellis, www.techinasia.com


The firm’s mobile app LendMN lets users select the lending amount and repay time period, and processes the request in a few minutes.

Anthony Peyton, www.bankingtech.com

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